We would like to introduce you to the TEENSOURCING™ platform – a unique marketing initiative which can help you achieve your company's strategic objectives

The platform is based on the principles underlying the interactions within large wildlife communities
Developed from sociobiological data, this is the first crowdsourcing project for teenagers in Russia
The TEENSOURCING™ platform provides direct contact with organized groups of adolescents between the ages of 13 and 19, helping to tackle four tasks
Entering new markets
Reassessing the consumer value of goods and services
Creating a loyal audience
Developing a talent pool
The platform is based on a briefing and self-moderation system
A 'brief' is a target which is developed and discussed by members of self-organized groups on the platform. Types of brief include:
Shaping a strategy
Promoting to target audiences
Working with large teenager platforms (e.g. schools, children's camps, festivals)
Moderating teenagers' participation in briefs
Based on the principle of ecosystem clearing
Moderating target groups
Moderating a mentoring system
Moderating final incentives
Creating a briefing system
Short tasks designed for a young crowd
Launching a project
Moderating cumulative motivations
Moderating opinion leaders
Supporting a map of briefs and the smooth transition of one 'briefing community' into another
Hyping a product
Assessing the potential of a selected market
Building an HR community
Reviewing an existing product
The scientific methodology for the project has been developed by Marklen Konurbaev, Professor at Lomonosov Moscow State University. It is based on the works of Edward Wilson, Professor at Harvard University.
The core idea is the natural organization of large communities, known in socio-biology as 'superorganisms'. The activities of all the members of a superorganism have a common purpose.

The community is managed by project participants, via a cross-assessment system: the members who lack performance drop out quickly, while productive members obtain higher status, uniting clusters of opinion leaders that have formed during the working process. It is a transparent tool for social and professional elevation.

The platform algorithms, which have been developed and implemented, ensure that a project stays focused on the strategic goals set. The algorithms include a system of cumulative motivations, role modeling, and the targeted formation of priority groups and opinion leaders.
Proven channels and types of effective mentoring with a segmented crowd
A series of predictive analytical reports on customer talent capacity
Creating a loyal teenage crowd and loyal opinion leaders
Projects already launched for effective mentoring
The project team includes psychologists, sociologists, teachers and linguists (from Lomonosov Moscow State University), as well as public actors who are experienced in working with large groups of teenagers (from the International Child Center "Artek", the Tavrida Forum, SoyuzMultClub, and the Russian Animated Film Association)
Marklen Konurbaev
Managing Partner
Professor at Lomonosov Moscow State University,
Founder of Glosema Startup Studio
Katerina Miroshnikova
Marketing Director Partner
MSU FPA (Strategic Marketing), AIBE with an MBA, jury member at Cannes Corporate Media and TV Awards
Salavat Konurbaev
Chief Moderator
Graduated from the Institute of Asian and African Studies, Lomonosov Moscow State University (Oriental Studies, Arabic Philology), and from School-Studio SHAR (Animation Director)
Rubina de Apro
TeenMedia (mass media, social media)
Journalist, graduated from the MSU Faculty of Journalism
Andrey Surin
Platform CTO
Founder of Cheeese.co
David Sikharulidze
Communication Block Leading Analyst
Graduated from MSU (Faculty of Philology) and RANEPA
Elena Kravtsova
Consulting Psychologist
Graduated from the Faculty of Psychology, Lomonosov Moscow State University
Daniil Titov
Project Analyst
Lomonosov Moscow State University
Yulia Fischenko
UX/UI Designer
Ksenia Slavnikova
UX/UI Designer
Larisa Volokitina
Project Coordinator
Kamilla Yamileva
Project Coordinator
Oksana Smirnova
Project Coordinator
Marklen Konurbaev
Katerina Miroshnikova
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